soy ragù 2

Soy Bean Ragu

Here's how to make the ragù without using the flesh, but by using vegetable products.
In this case we use the texturized soy hydrated and also add vegetables like onion, peas and carrots.

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Vitel Tonnè Vegan Recipe

The veal with tuna sauce (vitello tonnato in Italian) is an authentic and traditional Italian recipe that has been copied worldwide. The traditional version calls for slices of boiled veal covered with a sauce of tuna, anchovies, mayonnaise and capers.
But make a homemade tuna sauce without using tuna, eggs and dairy, is that possible? Personally I make a tuna sauce to coat my vegan vitel tonné better than traditional sauce! Using Vegan mayonnaise we must know that is healthier, cholesterol-free and also is easy to make, in fact you need only 4 ingredients to make a perfect vegan majo:
unsweetened soy milk or rice milk, unrefined sunflower oil, lemon juice, sea salt to taste) and 5 minutes to finish
After scouring through recipes online, and a little tweaking, I really think I’ve come up with the best homemade vegan tuna sauce!

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italian cacciucco vegan

Italian Cacciucco Vegan

A vegan version of the traditional Tuscan “Cacciucco”

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Flatbread Cheese

The flavor and taste that you'll get with this "cheese flatbread", will lead you to a guaranteed success, freshly baked flatbread with cheese will melt in the mouth with a super taste!

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Flatbread with Rosemary

Amazing recipe, with a few modifications. The rising times are the longest part of this recipe, baking is quick and easy and the flavor of rosemary will be tasty in your mouth!

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Pizza with Fresh Spinach

This pizza is made with fresh spinach sauteed in a pan with a drizzle of oil and the dough is made with live yeast, as the true Italian tradition requires!

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Leaves Rocket Salad Fantasy

Rocket Salad Fantasy

Basis of leaves rocket salad with kiwi slices, steamed corn, slices of sweet red pepper small pieces of tofu, this is all you need for one fast food lunch!

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Pizza with Seasonal Vegetables

Pizza with Seasonal vegetables for this healty Recipe! Sweet pepper, tomatoes, onion, green and black olives, artichokes, mozzarella vegan and extra virgin olive oil, that’s all needs for seasoning your dough pizza

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porcini mushroom risotto Claudia's Secrets Recipe

Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms Dried

Dried Porcini mushrooms take on an intense, smoky flavor that fills the room with its rich fragrance. I cooked my special risotto with they, obtaining a great success with my guests. I like to use dried Porcini mushrooms to deepen the flavor of soups, gravies and in sauces for polenta and pasta. usually I prefer to let soaking dried mushrooms throughout the night, changing several times the water and holding the last to cook the stock.

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Black beans with mango salsa and jicama chips

Black beans with mango sauce

Enrich your appetizer buffet with this salad and mango sauce!

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If for lunch, we need to assume more quantities of calories. for dinner we need to assume more proteins.

The legumes are more important for vegan diets. It’s because the legumes are the richest plant sources of protein.

The key to good bone (and muscle) strength isn’t to eat animal foods, but It’s to eat protein-rich foods. There are plenty of plant choices for that.

Protein is not a “vegan issue.” Omnivores can fall short on protein intake, too, and it is not uncommon for people on low-calorie diets or for older people to have marginal protein intakes. Moreover, the fact is that it is easy to get adequate protein on a vegan diet. It’s just not automatic.

Legumes are the best sources of protein for vegans. They are especially rich in the essential amino acid lysine, which the Adventist Health Study researchers suggested is important for bone health.

My suggestion is to assume protein (at least three servings per day of these foods or at least four for those of us over 50). In these quantities:

A serving is:

½ cup of cooked beans,
¼ cup of peanuts,
2 tablespoons of peanut butter,
½ cup of tofu,
½ cup of tempeh,
¼ cup soynuts,
1 ounce of veggie meat or
1 cup of soymilk.

This group does not include other kinds of plant milks such as almond, hemp, coconut or rice milks. It’s okay to have these foods but they are very low in protein. Most vegan cheeses including those made from soy are also very low in protein.

Dinner Food:
Stir-fried vegetables, cereal, toast, corn and three bean salad vegetarian baked beans, salad bar items like chickpeas, seitan, soy, chili…