Donuts Chocolate Glaze

Donuts Chocolate Glaze

Do you want a really exciting doughnut? Read my secret and taste your next exciting donut. It’s really easy to make!

By claudia2812

Pink Glazed Donut Recipe

Donuts Pink Glazed Recipe – Claudia’s Secrets

Donuts Pink glazed regipe - You can color the fantastic vegan donuts described in this recipe, with a very easy and fast pink glaze!

By lilla

donuts chocolate glaze decorated with vegan sprinkles

Chocolate Sprinkled Donuts

Do you want a really funny doughnut? Well, this recipe is right for you!

By claudia2812

donuts avocado glaze

Chocolate Avocado Donuts

You don’t need to go to bakery shop for eat a donut, because now you can homemade a fantastic donut without all the fat and sugar. How? It’s easy , healthy and your donuts will be just as delicious as those in the bakery, read more…

By heavenkitchen

donuts&white vanilla glaze

Donut Vanilla Glaze

White glaze on top of your donuts? why not! It’s very easy and delicious method for make happy you and your friends

By claudia2812

Donuts Cashew Glaze

Cashew Donuts

How many ways there are to coat your donuts?Personaly I think there are so many ideas to decorate them, but today we'll use the cashews glaze!

By claudia2812

Chocolate Donuts with Kiwi Glaze

Chocolate Donut with Kiwi Glaze

Today we’ll make some chocolate donuts for our hungry kids and we'll dress them with green color using kiwi glaze

By claudia2812