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Focaccia with Red Tropea Onions and Capers

Flavored Focaccia, made with red Tropea onions. The farming of the famous red Tropean onion began mainly in Parghelia and Zambrone and then spread to Tropea, Capo Vaticano and Ricadi. Its extraordinary sweetness, its delicate scent, its lightness and enjoyable taste comes from the morphological peculiarities of the soil and microclimate in which it growns. These features make it a much sought after ingredient by gourmets and chefs and it one of the most savory and widely requested products in the world.
The final touch of our Focaccia is a topping of capers.

By claudia2812

vegan sausage hot dog in a soft bread bun with mustard and sauerkraut Claudia's Secrets3

Vegan Sausage Hot Dog in a Soft Bread Bun with Mustard and Sauerkraut

The recent WHO report that ranked meat sausages up there with cigarettes as a cancer risk, did get a little bit scared of them? But now meatless hot dogs are a thing and they look incredibly tasty.
I would share this recipe for Vegan sausage and Sauerkraut Dogs

By sophie


Vegan Salami Sandwich

Do you jump the meal and want a quick snack, easy to prepare and which could satiate your hunger? That's fine! this recipe is just right for you

By v4vegan


Flatbread with Mopur

Do you know Mopur? You can taste this savory vegan aliment used like a fill in the hot flatbread and with melted vegan mozzarella, it’s fantastic idea for a very special snack

By ariana



Flatbread my love! I like so much mix the flour with the baking powder and baking loaves, flatbread and pizza
This basis recipe to make the dough for the flatbread (or pizza or bread), is so easy but allows at same time to create many different flatbread and pizzas, you will be amazed by the result! It is so nice to smell the fragrance of freshly baked bread...the whole house will be filled with its flavor...

By micky7chef


Flatbread with Olives Green

The particular flavor of green olives in combination with the warm flatbread is perfect as a snack for your relax moments, or you can savour this soft flatbread studded with olives as appetizer or with a hearty soup.

By micky7chef


Flatbread with Rosemary

Amazing recipe, with a few modifications. The rising times are the longest part of this recipe, baking is quick and easy and the flavor of rosemary will be tasty in your mouth!

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Flatbread Cheese

The flavor and taste that you'll get with this "cheese flatbread", will lead you to a guaranteed success, freshly baked flatbread with cheese will melt in the mouth with a super taste!

By carlo

Avocado and Hummus for Veggie Sandwich

Vegan Sandwich Avocado and Hummus

For your lunch break, it's very important to eat something that make you happy, but very fast, so you can do other things as going to the park, read a magazine, go to the gym etc.

By claudia2812