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Panna Cotta with Berries – Claudia’s Secrets

Panna Cotta with Berries - For ending a special dinner! Warning: refrigerate the "Panna Cotta" overnight or no less than minimum before serving 480 Minutes

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Donuts Chocolate Glaze

Donuts Chocolate Glaze

Do you want a really exciting doughnut? Read my secret and taste your next exciting donut. It’s really easy to make!

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strawberry mint sauce with mint leaves Claudia's Secrets recipe

Strawberry Mint Sauce with Mint Leaves – Claudia’s Secrets

Strawberry mint sauce with mint leaves - The flavor and scent of this sauce will make you crazy! for your summer moments strawberries and mint is a perfect combination for a fresh and healty delicacy.
Easy and simple to do, it is recommended marinate the mint leaves, finely chopped in lemon juice for at least half an hour before use

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peach cream flavored with limoncello Claudia's Secrets

Peach Cream Flavored with “Limoncello”

This cream is perfect for your next creation, I suggest to make a tart whose taste will be refined and aromatized by limoncello!
The history of the original recipe of limoncello bends through a series of anecdotes and legends. Its paternity is competed by Sorrentini, Amalfitani and Capresi. In small plots of kilometres, three populations boast of a production of limoncello passed on by various generations. In Capri, someone says that its origins are linked to the events of the family of the businessman Massimo Canale who, in 1988, registered the first trademark “Limoncello"

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kiwi glaze

Green Kiwi Glaze

Kiwi is a special fruit used used for different recipes, both sweet and savory. In this recipe you can create a fantastic glaze for coating your donuts!

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Chocolate Donuts with Kiwi Glaze

Chocolate Donut with Kiwi Glaze

Today we’ll make some chocolate donuts for our hungry kids and we'll dress them with green color using kiwi glaze

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almond flour

Almond Glaze

This glaze is made with almond flour, quick and easy to prepare it. One of different tastes for covering or for garnish your donuts or pastry or capecakes.

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caramel glaze

Caramel Glaze

This is a glaze made with caramel flavour sweet sauce, quick and easy to prepare it. A different taste for covering or garnish your donuts or pastry or capecakes.

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green avocado glaze

Avocado Glaze

A simple green glaze graces the top of your donuts. This recipe is enough to grace 12 small donuts or 6 medium

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Cashews Glaze

Cashew Glaze

Amazing idea, cashew glaze for coating homemade donuts! sounds so good, let's go to start...

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