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Healthy breakfast vegan

Fresh fruits, muesli, vegan yogurt, vegan milk, vegan pancakes, vegan cookies, vegan croissants with jam or chocolate, thea, coffee, green smoothie, crepes or omelettes without eggs…

Less calories -> More energy

Is breakfast really  the most important meal of the day?

The perfect lunch

Having a perfect vegan lunch is essential for such a variety of reasons!
Food gives us energy and issues us vitality.

So what should you eat for lunch to get the nutrition you need?

At lunch, aim for a mix of protein from beans, peas, nuts, grains, combined with starchy carbs.
Eating a supplement stuffed lunch helps us stay away from a mid-evening accident!

If for lunch, we need to assume more quantities of calories. for dinner we need to assume more proteins.

The legumes are more important for vegan diets. It’s because the legumes are the richest plant sources of protein.

The key to good bone (and muscle) strength isn’t to eat animal foods, but It’s to eat protein-rich foods. There are plenty of plant choices for that.

Protein is not a “vegan issue.” Omnivores can fall short on protein intake, too, and it is not uncommon for people on low-calorie diets or for older people to have marginal protein intakes. Moreover, the fact is that it is easy to get adequate protein on a vegan diet. It’s just not automatic.

Delicious desserts  vegan

These amazing vegan cakes without eggs and milk, you can discover the reality of eating healthy, guilt free!

Individuals assume that vegan desserts are “weird”, earthy, all soy-based, and a joke. They associate veganism with an attitude, and don’t necessarily understand what it’s all about, and automatically put blinders up. Individuals don’t always accept things they do not understand, or things they are not familiar with.