My Test with Vegan Wurstel

I was surprised by these sausage products with tofu. I appreciated their softness and their taste. Is a flexible product suitable for pizzas, sandwiches, and with baked patatoes or sauteé cabbage, or even natural for a good aperitif


 TOFU WIENER WURSTEL 1  wurstel vegan wurstel 2


Average values for 100 g of product

Average values for 80g (one portion)
 100g 80g  %GDA(100g) Eurodiet %GDA(100g) Sudamerica
Nutritional values(Kcal/Kj)  264/1096  211/877  13,2 13,2
Total Fat   19,8 15,8  27,72  35,6
-saturated   2,9  2,3  14,5  13,5
Carbohydrates  5,6 4,5  2,2  1,9
Sugars 0,2  0,16 0,22  0,22
Dietary fiber
Proteins  14,9  11,9  29,8  19,9
Salt   1,8   1,4  36  36



pizza with wurstel cooked and cutted

Pizza with Vegan Wurstel

  • Overall
The Good

I had a great successwith my "Pizza with Vegan Wurstel" (click on the pizza image for the recipe)

Good taste and smell

Very easy to prepare, 2/3 minutes are enough for a correct cooking

The Bad


The immense love for all living creatures, the constant search for true justice, the fight against all forms of animal cruelty, the love for the nature, the passionate interest in the wellness of my own body and spirit have given rise to a change in my mind.

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